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Sunday, 9 May 2010


Tragically Mike was involved in a road accident in Gabon on the 7th of May. He did not survive. Our heartfelt condolences go out to all of Mike's family and friends.

Mikey was a much loved friend, son, brother, uncle and colleague.

To us he was our mate, our travel companion. We miss him terribly.

We remember Mikey as a cooker (and eager consumer) of fine curries.

He was our Mr Fixit. In fact he enjoyed fixing things so much we suspect he would secretly break things in order to be able to mend them.

He was our hairdresser, and not a bad one either. He took the role quite seriously and would prance around like some 95kg fairy as he happily snipped away, saying things like, "there you go" and "how's that length for you then". Scary.

He was our scout. At the end of the day, when the terrain looked tough, we would send him and the KTM ahead to look for a suitable campsite. We know he secretly loved doing this little job as he got to show us his superior off road riding ability.

Mike didn't like bullies. Below is an excerpt from his ride report...

"Since Simon's passport was just stolen we kept asking the people to step back from our bikes. The teenagers were trying to play it cool and move the kids on but hang around our bikes themselves. I'd rather they buggered off and the kids stayed put. Anyway, I caught one bully cuffing one lad around the head then viscously pulling his ear. He was a head taller than the kid and made him cry. While Hans angrily told him off I took the poor sod over to my bike and cut off my mascot/toy (a little beanie toy in ktm orange). All the kids eyes got very large when I told them where my toy was from and where it had been... London, France, Spain, Morocco, Mauritania, Mali, Togo, Benin, Nigeria, Cameroon. The kid was so happy when I gave it too him. Ten minutes later I saw he didn't have it and gave him a look with a raised eyebrow. He nodded sagely and discretely tapped his pocket. No bastard was stealing it from him - good stuff"

To read the rest of Mikey's ride report click here.

This will be the last entry in this blog. Hans and I will continue on to Cape Town once we are done here. We want to do it for Mikey.

Rest in peace mate.


  1. Simon. Our sincere condolences to you , your team and Mikes family. I am lost for words and know that this will put a damper on your adventures.Be strong and go where your heart takes you.Phone me collect anytime(092357797)
    Love and best wishes. Dad and the family.

  2. Simon. What a devastating tragedy. Our heartfelt sorrow and condolences go out to Mikes family. I too am lost for the right words as I guess there really are none. I know the rest of Africa will be an amazing tribute to your dear friends memory. Be safe without your scout. We are thinking of you and Mike's family and friends. I love you. xx

  3. I'm glad Mike got to spend his last days with people he would have regarded as Brothers and friends for life and that you have watched over him so well. He was happier being with you blokes on your adventure than anything else. I have great respect for what you have done for us as a family. If we are ever able to repay the debt of gratitude in any way, let me know. Thankyou.
    Gavin Rose.

  4. Simon, Mike has been part of your adventure and story from the beginning. Such true friends are rare and you will have lots of great memories and stories to recall.
    We are thinking about you and of Mike's family.

    Aunty Marion Uncle Steve and Anthony x x x

  5. Simon
    We were so sorry to hear of the heartbreaking news concerning your good friend Mike; you must be truly missing him. It is obvious from your brief eulogy that you knew him well and had a deep respect for him.
    Mike has embarked on his final adventure and I know he will guide you through the rest of your journey, try to understand that the sadness and loss you feel comes from his virtue and your delight of knowing him.
    We know the loss you are feeling and have no comfort to ease the pain.

    Pete, Eileen, Laura and Emily.

  6. Hi Simon
    You dont know us but we've been following your trip since December when you were falling off in France! I logged on last night and was shocked and saddened to hear the news about Mike.
    Even though we have done a lot of travelling in Africa, I've envied the pair of you over the last six months and dreamt of doing a similar trip when I recover from my last spill (oct 07) but I dont envy you now, it must be very tough for you grieving while having to sort out the bureaucratic mess.
    We lost a travelling friend in Congo when he was shot dead by a cop back in 97, so we can imagine your loss.
    We are thinking about you, Hans and Mikes family, hope everything works out and you have a relatively uneventful trip to Cape Town.
    If you can bring yourself to do it, a final entry from Cape Town would be good.

    All the best
    Ed and Claire

  7. Dear Simon,
    We were shocked and deeply sorry to read the sad news of Mike. Thinking of you and Hans; Mike's family and friends and sending our condolences and love to you all.
    Good on you and Hans, for deciding to continue the journey for Mike - he would appreciate that! I'm sure he will be with you in spirit. Take care, Lots of Love Lynda & Keith. xxxx

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